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Due To COVID-19, we cannot guarantee next day delivery. Though we endeavor to do our best but delays may happen due to delays with courier services.

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What We Do

Mobile Phone Repeater Systems

We are Ireland's leading distributor for the world class StellaDoradus Repeaters, which are manufactured right here in Ireland. The advanced technology provides crystal clear voice calls and reliable mobile data solutions to both large & small areas where phone signals are currently weak indoors. Many modern buildings are built in a way to ensure that they are extra insulated, and reinforced, and this creates huge problems when it comes to signals. Dead zones, shaky coverage and unreliability are some of the major problems that are encountered. Learn More

3G/4G LTE Networking & Connectivity

Novatel Communications is Ireland's leading distributor for Poynting Antennas, Teltonika Routers and we are proud to announce our most recent partnership with Peplink. If you’re looking to supply your customer base with reliable, robust and dependable products that deliver real performance no matter where the location, then Novatel is who you want to do business with.For over 14 years, our cutting-edge solutions, have been keeping our partners customers connected in every corner of the globe. Learn More

Professional Partnership

Our primary focus is to supply superior connectivity solutions for you and your clients. We build trustworthy relationships with all our customers, that last long into the future. Our strong focus on relationships works both verticals, with you our client and with the manufacturer. Novatel works closely with Manufacturers who are Global leaders in the design and production of the latest technological innovations in the cellular communications sector. Our dedication to only working with the best means... Learn More

Our Products