CAB 092 Dual Coaxial Low Loss Cable
Buy this Dual Coaxial Low Loss Cable (CAB 092) and use it with any Modem/Router with 2 external antenna ports,like the B315, Speedport II LTE, MR6400 Modem. It’s a 5m Twin HDF195 SMA (m) to SMA (f) dual coaxial cable suitable for LTE Antennas. The cabl..
Webro URM Coaxial Cable
The Webro URM coaxial cable is a good LMR alternative, available in LSF & LSZH variants, and choose between solid or air-spaced PE insulated variant. Available for bulk orders - needs trade account with Novatel to process your orders with a good profit mar..
Webro WEB Coaxial Cable
High-quality Coaxial Cable by Webro, available in various specifications and colours. A good alternative to LMR. Available for bulk orders (needs trade/reseller account), ships to anywhere in Ireland. Available Models To Choose From Model Name InnerConduc..
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