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The OMNI-291 is another external antenna model made by Poynting.  It's a modified version of the OMNI-69, but with special housing. This model has a 7dBi peak gain across all bands from 450-2700MHz and whhy it’s called “ultra-wide band” antenna. It covers all wireless communication operating frequencies with excellent balanced gain across frequencies. It can cover GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE operating frequencies and can work on all Irish Network Operators, making this model a true high-performance omni-directional external/internal antenna. This model is widely used around the globe and known to improve signal reception in almost everywhere. It is often recommended as marine or coastal antenna by forum members in known South African and European forum sites and discussion boards.

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Note 1: Irish Operators & Frequencies

Note 2: The OMNI - 291 is a 450 - 470, 690 - 960 & 1710 - 2700 MHz LTE Antenna and 2.4 - 2.5Ghz Wi-Fi band.

OMNI-291 GSM/WiFI/LTE Antenna Mounted on Yachts

This aerial model is ideal for boats and yachts, since it is housed in a water-resistant casing, which is made of halogen-free ABS plastic, that makes it corrosion resistant and all-weather proof.. The whole assembly passed the Salt Spray, product safety test and complies with UL, CE, EN,CSA and IEC standards. It has an easy-mounting feature which feed through 1 inch marine standard mounts, plus you could choose from various mounting options. Please checkout various mounts below.

Key Features

  • Medium gain omni-directional antenna
  • The antenna is purpose-built for marine and coastal applications.
  • Lightweight
  • UV and Salt-water resistant
  • Vandal resistant
  • IS (intrinsic safe) version available on request
  • 2.4 - 2.5 Ghz band can be used as WiFi antenna

Application Areas

omni-291 sample configuration

Antenna configuration for Dual GSM / Wi-Fi

This aerial model is great GSM, WLAN/Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G/LTE externa antenna and for the following:

  • Marine applications / Yachts/Ferry
  • Machine to machine (M2M)
  • Poor data signal reception (indoor or outdoor)
  • Slow data transmission connection
  • Unstable connection
  • Increase system transmission reliability
  • Wi-Fi Applications

Additional Accessories Available

You need to contact us if you want to avail of the following additional accessories:

  • Extension Cables - Up to 15m
  • Connectors and mounting brackets - BRKT-39, BRKT-37, BRKT-38

    mounting brackets


Checkout below specifications for the OMNI-291.

Product Specifications may change without prior notice.
Revised: January 2016

Electrical Specs

Frequency Bands 450 - 470MHz

690 - 960MHz

1710 - 2700MHz
Gain (Max) 7dBi
VSWR < 2.5:1 over 90% of the band
Feed Power Handling 10W
Input Impedance 50 Ohm (nominal)
Polarisation Linear Vertical
Cable Loss Optional cable dependant
DC Short Yes

Mechanical Specs

Product Dimensions (L x W) 560 x 75mm
Packaged Dimensions 580 x 95 x 90mm
Weight 800 g
Packaged Weight 950 g
Radome Material ABS (Halogen Free)
Radome Colour Pantone - Cool Gray (1C)

RAL - 7047

Environmental Specifications

Wind Survival <160km/h
Range (Operating) -20°C to +70°C
Environmental Conditions Outdoor/Indoor
Operating Relative Humidity Up to 98%
Storage Humidity 5% to 95% - non condensing
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C

Product Box Contents

Antenna A-OMNI-0291
Mounting Bracket Mounts to standard 1” -14 T male threads and Universal L-bracket
Cable Length N/A
Cable Type N/A
Connector N-Type Female (Silver/Nickel Plated)

The conntector is factory mounted to the antenna

Antenna Performance Plots

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)

VSWR is a measure of how efficiently radio-frequency power is transmitted from a power source, through a transmission line, into a load. In an ideal system, 100% of the energy is transmitted which corresponds to a VSWR of 2.5:1.The OMNI-291 delivers superior performance across all bands with a VSWR of 2.5:1 or better.

Reference Image
Omini-291 Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

Gain - Excluding cable loss

7 dBi is the peak gain across all bands from 450 - 2700 MHz
Gain @ different bands: Band 5 3 dBi @ 450-470 MHz
Gain @ different bands: Band 1 4.5dBi @ 690-960 MHz
4.5dBi @ 690-960 MHz 7dBi @ 1710-2700MHz
Gain @ WiFi band: 5.5dBi @ 2400-2500MHz
Antenna gain measured with polarisation aligned standard antenna

Radiation Patterns

H Plane

Reference Image:

omni-291 h-lane pattern

E Plane

omni-291 e-plane pattern


Where To Buy

You can buy the OMNI-291 all-weather WiFi/3G/LTE external antenna from our physical store located at Novatel Communications, 24 Main Street, Buttevant, Co Cork.

You can order online by clicking the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to checkout page and pay using your credit card via Stripe payment gateway, which is safe and secured.

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