Browsing and processing your orders and payment through our website is safe and secured by the latest technology in SSL Encryption. Notice your browser’s address bar, a green padlock icon can be seen, followed by https:// plus our website address. Please check the images below to see how it looks for every browser.

For Firefox, you should see a green padlock like this one:
https on firefox

For Google Chrome, you should see a green padlock followed by a green text Secured , plus the green https followed by our website name:

https on chrome

Some Bits About SSL Certificates and SSL Encryption

SSL is a technology for securing and establishing an encrypted link between our server (website) and the client (using a browser). It allows sensitive information like credit card numbers and login details to be securely transmitted, since the plain http protocol leaves data transmission unsecured and sent in plain text, leaving the user vulnerable to eavesdropping. An attacker would be able to intercept all the data being sent between a user’s browser and a web server, just imagine what can the attacker do with your credit card information and other details like login credentials.

If you like to read more text, you head over to Wikipedia and read more about encryption by reading the https page.

Buy with Confidence - Novatel Communication is Safe & Secure

Having said the above, you are safe to use our website and transact with us. You can buy safely from our portal using your Stripe account or Credit Card.

We don’t store any Credit Card information on our server, so there is nothing to be compromised/exposed. Though, our Payment Gateway and Processor are the ones who takes care of the data and they are PCI Compliant.